What We Do


Our experience in design and interiors enables us to combine metalwork and high quality finishes for premium projects


From our premises in Perth, we can manufacture, finish and distribute to any city in Australia.


We can provide clear and detailed installation instructions, or utilise our specialist installation team for a full design to install service.


Our floating style single spine stairs are a popular choice for contemporary homes, loft apartments and commercial spaces.

They not only provide a functional means of moving between levels but also contribute to the overall character and style of the interior.

When executed well, our stairs are a stunning and memorable feature within an interior space.


Our Industrial-style metal balustrades are commonly used in contemporary homes, loft apartments and commercial spaces.

They add a sense of modernity and urban flair while also serving their functional purpose of providing safety and security. This design choice can help create a visually striking and unique environment.

Feature metalwork

Steel is a versatile and durable material that can be incorporated into interior design to achieve an industrial or modern aesthetic while also providing structural support.

Interior industrial steelwork is a popular choice for spaces that seek to achieve an urban, modern, or loft-style look. It adds an element of ruggedness and authenticity to the design while maintaining a sense of functionality and strength. When executed well, interior steelwork can create visually striking and captivating interiors.